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Monday, December 13, 2010

25th Anniversary Mario

I sprung for the Wii a month ago so I figure I should get the game too.

The Wii is pretty sweet, solid Mario Red. The Wii-mote and Chuck are cool looking too. The Wi motion plus is built in.

Red Wii Console:

Pro: Price
I sold My Wii, with a crappy game, and Wii Sports for $110. Sold my copy of Super Mario Wii for $30. So for a net of $60 (plus tax) I upgraded and got another motion plus.

The pack in games are in sleeves rather then cases
Virtual Console Games can't be transferred (fortunately I had less then 10)

Final Word: I haven't missed my VC games and it's sweet, red and new. Happy with the upgrade

Super Mario All Stars Wii:

Price: $29.99
Extras, History of Mario Book, and Audio disk
"Limited Edition" though how limited remains to be seen.
Mario Coolness: off the charts

Exact same port as SNES
Delay in controller response like the VC games
For being the the 25th Anniversary of one of the most influential games, the package falls short of what it could have been.

Final Word. Buy it cause it collectible or cause you don't have a Super Nintendo and no access to Virtual console games. I'll stick with the SNES or better yet, the originals on my NES.

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Famicom Freak said...

Great that you got the limited edition wii but I do agree that for it being a 25th anniversary Nintendo didn't do much....I rather spend ten dollars for a snes and another 20 for a copy of all stars and with just 30 I will have the same exact thing minus the wii of course. I'm sure it'll still sell real well especially with the average buyer.