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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Super Metroid

Solid 9/10
Of all the memories of NES games as a child, the memories of Metroid are my fondest. (2nd even to Zelda). I wouldn't say now that Metroid is the best NES game of all time but I'd consider it a contender for top 5.

What is odd is that with such love for the original, why has it taken me so long play Super Metroid? I've owned a crisp copy for 2 years now and though I did fire it up and play it for an hour at one point I never gave it attention and the respect it's predecessor earned in my youth.

Can I explain my behavior? No (though the n00b bridge is a likely excuse) but I believe one is allowed to repent of their sins. Here's my story:

Keeping with religious analogy, (it is Sunday morning after all) my road to redemption started as a casually read from my monthly inspirational literature (Nintendo Power #259). It contained accounts of the epic adventures of one of the greatest figures in gaming history: the galactic bounty hunter Samus. The article ranked each and named Super Metroid as the greatest.

The message seemed to be written for me. I am a classic gamer at heart, raised on 2D platformers from childhood. The epic battle on Zebus is still clear in my mind, I know where all the items are hidden and can recall my anxiety as a boy first entering Mother Brain's lair at the journey's the end game.

Screen Shot from Original Metroid released 1987. It took 7 years for Samus to return to a Nintendo Console

How could I be so blind? So naive? Why had I turned my back on the truth all this time?

I was so moved by my revelation that I immediately retired to my sanctuary, pulled the game off the shelf, out of it's box protector and proceeded to play with an eye single to competing the task at hand. To which I was successful.

Super Metroid did not disappoint. It kept everything that made the original great and improved upon it. Exploration of six large areas, hidden rooms and lots of items. Solid game play, responsive controls and wonderfully designed audio.

The only real knock I'd give it is that the final bosses were too easy. Draygon was difficult due to the unconventional method to defeat it, all others I beat at the first attempt.

Highly recommended (though I'm sure I'm biased) If you liked the original this is a no [mother] bainer. Wow, can I really end a posting with such a bad pun?

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