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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Latest Finds and Addtions

Another craiglist find, $10

Sealed Gameboy: $20, Craigslist

Goodwill, Gamestop Gamers and Criagslist, what a day

Smoked Grey N64 in the wild, that completes my transparent set

Gamers goodness

Nice and yellow. $50
Epic score, $75 and a 3 hour drive

100 bones

Another local find. I guy on Craigs list listed the pirate for $100 but I got it for ALOT less

CIB goodness
Got the wall hanging from my local game store for $20. My 2 y/o saw it on the wall before I did.

Got this for less then a nice shirt at Pennies :)

Nice score here: I've wanted a Superscope for a while
Wait Japan imports? Hmm......

4 bills for all this

Yet another Gamecube on Craigslist $60 for this one, I'll be able to keep most of these, Zelda, and SSB are dupes fo me.

Found these this weekend. It's been a while since I added to my NES collection. Less the $30 for all.
I found this acouple months ago off craigs list for like $50. Stuff was in great shape. After this find, I started to offically collect gamecube.
Minty complete Zelda from Gamers. Boosted the paypal fund with this one.
I sold the wavebirds and Mario Mix and that covered most of what I payed for all this
Got the PS1 2 weeks ago for $1. Stopped at the good will to get a game to test it: Turns out Mega Man was worth over $40. Again, boost for paypal.

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