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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vintage Gaming Goodness

Scored this while my competition was out of town :) $30.
I hooked it up, works great, but I've never been a fan of the controllers.
This has got me wanting an Atari thou.

I was surprised at the lack of value that Intellivion has. Most games aren't worth anything CIB or otherwise. A CIB system like this only runs about $40-$50 tops on eBay. I figure, I saved $$ on shipping.

Like with any classic systems there are some rarer ones. My lot included the semi rare (R7) Super Pro Decathlon. I just put this on Ebay, I'm hoping for at least $65 for it.


Famicom Freak said...

AWesome! Gotta love those cib games!

Staff said...

I work with the gentleman who did the graphics for the Intellivision version of Burgertime... Showing him that photo brought a smile to his face.