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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kid Icarus, a disappointment

I recently made time to sit down and play a classic game. Spent most of the day on Sunday on the NES playing Kid Icarus.

By far the most challenging part was the first few stages. You start with a very short power bar and, falling off the screen was certain death. I died over and over. Once I got a larger health bar, and started a side scrolling adventure, the difficulty level dropped off considerably.

The boss levels were fun, and challenging but the bosses themselves were push-overs.

Once defeating the three bosses, you use the three treasures that transforms the game to a terrible and ridiculously easy side scrolling shoot em up. The final boss match was a joke too.

After all the work, the final stage and boss was so cheap, I felt ripped off.  

Sorry Kid Icarus, you might be Metroid's twin sister but you pale in comparison. BTW speaking of Metroid, you do encounter some small Metroid like enemies in this game. A nice touch.

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