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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finally got a Master System

I've wanted to get a Master System for some time. I wasn't overly anxious to get one so I convinced myself to hold off and find one locally rather then EBay or pay ~$40 at my retro Gamers store.
I've been hovering over Craigslist and shopping thrift stores for nearly 3 years and I've seen multiple Ataris, NESs & SNESs, all of the colored N64s (except gold) and even two Mt Dew Xboxs. Even with all that watching, this is only the 2nd Master system I've seen. I was too late on Craigslist to get the first one, but I managed to beat the crowd and score this one for only $25 (he said he had a lot of interest)

Nothing super rare here, most games are in good shape, it's a good starter set. My son (3) likes it, I think it's because of it's similarities to the NES which he is starting to get good at.

Some note about the Master System:

Release in N America in 1986 and was technically superior to the NES in every way but it was largely unsuccessful in N America due to the popularity of the NES library. There was a significant lack of 3rd party releases because Nintendo wouldn't allow 3rd party companies to release NES licenced games to other consoles.

114 US titles

Early versions played both cartridges and "Sega Cards", cheaper and smaller games.

The Master System was successful in other parts of the world including Brazil where it was a huge hit. As of 2010, Master Systems and Mega Drives (Genesis) are still being sold in Brazil w/o cartridges rather paying games from memory.

Compared to NES boxes, the artwork completely sucks

Happy Gaming

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Famicom Freak said...

Great! I always wanted to get a Master System. I always bump into master system games and controllers but have yet to seen the console....blah!