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Monday, January 10, 2011

Awesome Craigslist ad

Saw this on craigs this morning. I loved it

Pretty Much Every Game Ever - $10000 (00,000)

I'm selling my super wicked video game collection that consists of every game ever, including super duper rare games. Serious buyers only!!

Every game for Nintendo $1,000,000,000 except for stadium events, or Mario 3 (that game is awesome!!!!!)
Every game for Sega CD $1,000,000,000 except for anything you have ever heard of (snatcher, policnauts, sewer shark etc.) etc.

Also super duper extra rares Chrono Trigger No box or manual or sticker and cartridge is cracked $1,000,000,000
Guardian Heroes (for the Sega Saturn {you didn't know that... wow} super duper mega rare) Cd only some coffee stains on data side of disk $1,000,000,000
Tekken 6 for PlayStation 1
Probably the rarest game in this ultra collection, it was never officially released for PS1 and I'm the only one that ever got one $4.00
All these prices have been confirmed by eBay so don't try to tell my that they aren't worth this muh I would sell these on eBay but PayPal is such a hassle.... PAYPAL ACCEPTED!!
Also I buy games for all systems and want them for less than anywhere else in town. Serious Sellers ONLY!
Nintendo games .05 system $1 no, no, .50 PlayStation 1 games especially Final Fantasys and Suikoden II $5.00 system $1.00
I use a simple formula for calculating my prices, if i'm selling it subtract the entire value until your left with $1 then multiply by 1,000,000,000. If i'm buying it subtract the total value of then add .50

Thanks for checking out my post try not to overwhelm my inbox

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Anonymous said...

lol. i saw that too and had to re-read it again. some people are dumb