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Sunday, May 30, 2010

God of War: Amazing

Upfront, I want to state that I'm a retro gamer. That is my defense for not playing God of War before now. For the new release of GoW3, Gamestop had the original for $5. So I snagged a copy and eventually fired it up.

I found the action intense, the graphics and controls designed and implemented very well and most of all, the story and it's execution was top notch.

Kratos is a major bad ass who's been enslaved by his own overwhelming regret of the past. The story is revealed as the game progresses and you delve deeper into Kratos' psyche to learn of the origins of his hatred for Aries, the god of war.

The heavy influence of Greek mythology is perfect for game such as this and allows for some unique stories and situations for our hero.

Once you complete in normal mode, God mode is unlocked, and let me tell you, it's tough. It appears that you're well rewarded with additional story parts if you can complete though.

My only dig on the game, is that there was a few places where the obstacles were too tedious and difficult compared to the rest of the game.

The hand to hand combat sequences are incredible, here, Kratos is about to rip the head of a Medusa-like enemy
9.5 of 10

All elements of this game are superb. I see now why this is such a popular series. I'm looking forward to the sequels, which I'm sure are even better, but for now this one gets a near perfect 9.5/10

Funny story, early on, there is a nude scene with two topless women begging Kratos to return to bed. Just as this scene opens, my wife walks in to my game room. So I say, "this is the first time I've seen naked boobies in a video game before" (mostly true, I've played Hot Slots on the NES) "Well" she says, "Glad I could share that experience with you, I'm going to bed". She wasn't impressed.

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