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Monday, March 22, 2010

Wii Sports Resort: Secret Archery Targets Revealed

The fourth stamp of the Archery Event is entitled “A Secret to Everybody”

The premise is that in every stage (4) of the 3 difficulties there is a secret target. Hit the target in each of the 12 stages to earn this stamp. Hitting a target will get you 10 points and an “Incredible!” or similar from the narrator.

Tips for finding targets,

1. The secret targets will occasionally shine in the sunlight (in daytime) revealing their location.

2. The targets I have found resemble the items from “Speed Slice” in the Swordplay events category, i.e. cake, water melons, oranges.

3. Scan the scenery during the introduction of each stage

4. When your shot is following the correct path, the camera will follow

behind the arrow as it approaches the target.

5. Aim High!

I think the title of this stamp “A Secret to Everybody” is a nod to The Legend of Zelda. I believe the creatures in the treasure rooms say that.


I’ll give the locations as degrees from center with the max being 45 left or 45 Right.



Stage 1 Orange about 25-30 degrees to the right. Just to the left of waterfall.

Stage 2 Watermelon about 35 degrees to the left slightly above ground level.

Stage 3 Honeydew, left 10 degrees. Its obscured by the left target post.

Stage 4 Cake, 15 degrees to the right, below you



Stage 1 Orange, 20 degrees the to right, slightly below you in the tennis court.

Stage 2 Watermelon 30 degrees left, up on the suspension bridge.

Stage 3 Honeydew, 10 degrees right, ground level. Entrance of castle.

Stage 4 Bread loaf, 20 degrees to the right, all the way up on the cliff



Stage 1 Orange, on the beach, 15 degrees to the right.

Stage 2 Obscured watermelon, 5 degrees to the right mostly obscured by the hill just below the level of the target.

Stage 3 Melon, on top of the ruins above the target

Stage 4 Timer box, 44 degrees to the right. In the lava. It can’t be seen from the character’s view point.


Thanks to Gamefaqs for rejecting my contribution without so much as an e-mail or explanation. Way to boost my confidence as a first time contributor.

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