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Monday, January 11, 2010

Silent Hill Playstation

I'm a classic gamer so I'm allowed to be behind the times right. Well if you're like me hadn't tried Silent Hill yet, you're in for a treat.
Dubbed the "Resident Evil Killer" this survival/horror shooter has many similarities w/ RE. Somewhat limited ammo, zombie like creatures and super spooky.
Was it scarier the RE? In some ways yes. Less cheap scares like zombies out of nowhere and more set up scene and music creating a very unconfortable atmosphere to navigate our hero through.
Silent hill falls a little short of the RE killer with clumsy controller and bad voice acting however, this is a must play if you're a RE fan. The music & sound effects are top notch and the story is creepy and unintelligible at some times, lending to the creepiness of it all.
I've yet to play any of the other incarnations in the Silent Hill franchise but if this one is any clue on how good they are, then I'm in for some more heart pounding evenings.

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