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Sunday, August 10, 2008

About Me and My Collection

I always loved video games as a kid. I first had a Atari 2600 then a friend of mine brought over his NES one day for a sleep-over. I had to get one so I used up the little savings account I had and got one soon after.

My dad borrowed Metriod from a guy at work and him and I played it through. Other favorites I had as a kid were, Zelda, Kid Icarus, Contra and Rad Racer.

I did have a SNES in high school but I didn't play it much and when N64 was released, I was too busy as a freshman in college to think about Nintendo.

In 2007 I was rebuilding/ restoring classic motorcycles. To help me fund the motorcycle hobby, I started buying selling video game systems off Craigslist and garage sales. It was during this time when I found the gem below for $25.

I was so excited and felt like I did at Chistmas as a kid. I decided to keep it and thus became a Nintendo collector.

Once my son was born a few months later, the motorcycle thing was hard to find time to do. So Nintendo collecting became my collecting focus.

Collecting goals: I would like to have a complete NES set and Gamecube set. There's a few other small things but just Nintendo, no desire for Playstation Xbox Atari ect:

One thing I'm most proud of is though I have a large collection, most of the funding of it has not come from the household budget. I still buy locally and sell on eBay for large profit.

Neatest thing in my collection, below is a display I made to commemorate the time I made it into Nintendo Power with a high score.
Note the location. I'm justified in being a Patriots fan ;) Matt Cassel will shock the football world!


Staff said...

Having a son sure does change things... it's actually the reason why I started collecting and blogging about it. That NES find is awesome!

Anonymous said...


I am looking for information on how to find a old issue of Nintendo Power magazine. In particular an issue with a PinBot score in the power players area? I know the name I am looking for but not the issue? any information on pinbot issues would be helpful.
thank you

Jim said...

I could look, what's the name you're looking for?

Jim said...

Pinbot scores first show up in volume 18 (late 1990)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for getting back to me !!! ....the name I am looking for can either be one of the following: Nathaniel Rinda, Nathaniel Somers, or even Nathan or nate etc.....The story is my Husband remembers having the pinbot score has a kid in an issue but forgets which one..I want to surprise him if i can find it. Again thank you for your help!!!

Jim said...

Ooo fun! I'll try to remember to check tonight.

Anonymous said...


Again thanks ..I will start looking for issues 18 and up. Keep in touch if you happen to come across more information!

Jim said...

I looked through them, from 18 through like 28. I never found any of those names.

Eventually, Nintendo Power stopped posting NES scores as SNES was the current system. Pinbot probably shows up in 10 issues.

I'll check one more time when I put them back.

Anonymous said...

All he remembers is getting a certificate with his name on it from the magazine..i wonder if he just got that and not his name in the top scores in the magazine ? .....again thanks you were so helpful ..!!!

Thank you